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Info coming soon.
Sponsoring opportunities

We have made room in the program for three sponsor presentations. If you wish to be a sponsor, please provide us with a five minute video presenting your company/companies and highlighting your products. For further information please contact Jean Briere at +1.423.774.2083 or jeanjbriere@gmail.com.
TCM North America (US Office)

19381 East Strawberry Drive
Queen Creek, AZ 85142

Contact: Mr. Jean Briere

Phone: 1 423 774 2083
Email: jeanjbriere@gmail.com
TCM North Americas (European Office)

c/o Technical Conference Management
Fasangasse 1B
2103 Langenzersdorf

Contact: Mr. Kurt Fischer

Phone: +43 (0)2244 33870-11
Telefax: +43 (0)2244 33870-20
Email: kurt.fischer@tcman.at
Website: www.tcman.at


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